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Extracts of the OHS Act No. 85 of 1993

Driven Machinery Regulations 2015 Act 18 Sub 10

No user may use or allow the use of any lifting tackle unless –

  1. every item of lifting tackle is well constructed of sound material, is strong enough, is free from defects and is constructed in accordance with a generally accepted technical standard
  2. every lifting assembly consisting of different items of lifting tackle is conspicuously and clearly marked with traceable identification particulars and the safe working load that it is designed to lift with safety.
  3. the ropes, chains or woven webbing have a factor of safety with respect to the safe working load they are designed to lift; the safety factor being

  • 10 for natural -fibre ropes;
  • seven for man -made fibre ropes or woven webbing;
  • six for steel -wire ropes, except for double -part spliced endless sling legs and double -part endless grommet sling legs made from steel -wire rope, in which case the factor of safety shall be at least eight;
  • five for steel chains; and
  • four for high -tensile or alloy steel chains:

provided that when the load is equally shared by two or more ropes or chains the factor of safety may be calculated in accordance with the sum of the breaking strengths taking into consideration the angle of loading;

Driven Machinery Regulations Act 18 Sub 5 & 6

Sub 5
The user shall cause the whole installation and all working parts of every lifting machine to be thoroughly examined and subjected to a performance test, as prescribed by the standard to which the lifting machine was manufactured, by a person who has knowledge and experience of the erection and maintenance of the type of lifting machine involved or similar machinery and who shall determine the serviceability of the structures, ropes, machinery and safety devices, before they are put into use following every time they are dismantled and re-erected, and thereafter at intervals not exceeding twelve months, provided that in the absence of such prescribed performance test the whole installation of the lifting machine shall be tested with 110% of the rated mass load, applied over the complete lifting range of such machine and in such a manner that every part of the installation is stressed accordingly.

Sub 6
Not with standing the provisions of sub regulation 5, the user shall cause all ropes, chains, hooks or other attaching devices, sheaves, breaks and safety devices forming an integral part of a lifting machine to be thoroughly examined by a person contemplated in sub regulation 5 at intervals not exceeding six months. 

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